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GO and make disciples of all nations

When Jesus commanded his disciples to GO, their mission was clear, go to all the nations, to the ends of the earth, NO LIMITS

They were told to start in the city they were in, Jerusalem, then to their nation, Judea and Samaria, then out to the furthestpoints of the earth.

To fulfill the great commision those first disciples of Jesus would need to create a cascade of disciples who made more disciples, they would flow out across the nations, and down through time till every ethnic group, in all the nations are reached.

We believe the great commision is our mandate for Mission.

Start local GO global!

Penn Christian Centre began in 1985 with one family, who were involved in mission to the Penn area of Wolverhampton. Churchgrowth requires we continue this witness to our local area and the city where we live and work.

From the start we have been involved in mission beyond our local church area. We began with a tithe of our church incomealongside prayer being directed to world mission.

Now we have both past and present members of the fellowship serving fulltime in various aspects of world mission, from planting churches in Wales to water projects in Sudan

  • Paul and Bev - Christian Vocations (CV)
  • Phil and Sheila - Counties and OM
  • Ben - Church/ school children's worker in Bristol
  • Jamie - youth pastor in USA
  • Rachel - Youth worker (CMC)
  • Rebbeca - Water project in Sudan (Tear fund)

Some help in mission support part time

  • John - Day One Radio
  • Jo - France
  • Jon - Pakistan (Nest)

Others have been on short term mission to

  • Brazil and Mexico(WEC)
  • Italy, Romania and Spain (GLO)
  • France, Pakistan, India and Zimbabwe

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