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Welcome to our Sermon library

God the Holy Spirit inspired the sermons, as you listen we pray you may be drawn closer to the Only true and Living God.

Files are in MP3 format. You can download and play these later, or you can listen on line while it is downloading..

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20.60Mb  13 Jan 2019  'Fruit of the Spirit: Gentleness'  Jon Beckett

12.00Mb  30 Dec 2018  'In My Seat'  Jon Beckett

20.16Mb  16 Dec 2018  'Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfulness'  Jon Beckett

20.13Mb  9 Dec 2018  'Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness'  Jon Beckett

14.7mb  2 Dec 2018  'Family Service Dec 2018'  David Gee

11.4mb 25 Nov 2018  'Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness'  Jon Beckett

15.5mb 18 Nov 2018  'Remember'  Jon Beckett

13.9mb 11 Nov 2018  'Fruit of the Spirit: Patience'  Jon Beckett

12.1mb  4 Nov 2018  'Family Service Nov 2018'  Mark Harrington

10.5mb 28 Oct 2018  'Fruit of the Spirit: Peace'  Jon Beckett

13.5mb 21 Oct 2018  'Fruit of the Spirit: Joy'  Jon Beckett

10.1mb 14 Oct 2018  'God of compassion'  Phil Davies

13.2mb 7 Oct 2018  'Family Service Oct 2018'  David & Lyndsey Brown

16.2mb 30 Sep 2018  'Fruit of the Spirit: Love'  Jon Beckett

15.3mb 23 Sep 2018  'The Holy Spirit lives in us'  Jon Beckett

13.2mb 16 Sep 2018  'The Holy Spirit is Glorified'  Jon Beckett

15.7mb  9 Sep 2018  'The Holy Spirit giver of life (pt2)'  Jon Beckett

15.1mb  2 Sep 2018  'God uses Allsorts: Moses'  Bev & Paul Lindsay

14.0mb 26 Aug 2018  'God uses Allsorts: Jonah'  Claire McEwen, Katie Patla & David Gee

15.3mb 19 Aug 2018  'God uses Allsorts: Stephen'  Jane Rice & Ralph Munonyedi

13.5mb 12 Aug 2018  'God uses Allsorts: Joseph'  Margaret & Keith Sammonds

12.3mb  5 Aug 2018  'God uses Allsorts: A boy with 5 loaves and 2 fishes'  Dawn Holliday & Derek Rous

11.9mb 29 Jul 2018  'God uses Allsorts: David'  Cath Creighton, Rachel Knight & Laurie McEwen

13.0mb 22 Jul 2018  'The Holy Spirit giver of life'  Jon Beckett

12.1mb 15 Jul 2018  'Discerning Gods will'  Deryk Jones

14.1mb  8 Jul 2018  'His Kingdom will never end'  Jon Beckett

10.9mb  1 Jul 2018  'Relating to God'  Kyle & Rossie Henderson Begg

13.6mb 24 Jun 2018  'We will be judged'  Jon Beckett

11.1mb 17 Jun 2018  'Clouds'  Jon Beckett

16.5mb 10 Jun 2018  'Jesus taken into heaven'  Jon Beckett

10.3mb  3 Jun 2018  'Holding on'  Paul Willmott

14.2mb 27 May 2018  'Jesus appears to seven disciples'  Jon Beckett

12.9mb 20 May 2018  'Let me tell you about my Father...'  Paul Lindsay

16.3mb 13 May 2018  'The empty tomb'  Jon Beckett

6.38mb  6 May 2018  'Nothing is impossible'  Laurie McEwen

16.6mb 29 Apr 2018  'The death and burial of Jesus'  Jon Beckett

13.3mb 22 Apr 2018  'Jesus before Pilate'  Jon Beckett

14.4mb 15 Apr 2018  'Jesus arrested'  Jon Beckett

20.9mb 12 Apr 2018  'Prayer for Israel'  

12.5mb  8 Apr 2018  'Now I know that you know this, but..'  Paul Lindsay

11.2mb 25 Mar 2018  'The world hates the disciples'  Jon Beckett

7.53mb 18 Mar 2018  'Simeon'  Jon Beckett

13.4mb 11 Mar 2018  'The Vine and the branches'  Jon Beckett

5.50mb  4 Mar 2018  'Love who, love how'  Jane Butcher

14.2mb 25 Feb 2018  'In my name'  Jon Beckett

11.9mb 18 Feb 2018  'I am the way and the truth and the life'  Jon Beckett

13.2mb 11 Feb 2018  'Jesus, predicts His betrayal'  Jon Beckett

11.7mb  4 Feb 2018  'Communicating Jesus'  Trevor Ranger

14.9mb 28 Jan 2018  'Two meals'  Jon Beckett

17.0mb 21 Jan 2018  'Lazarus raised from the dead'  Jon Beckett

15.6mb 14 Jan 2018  'The good confession'  Jon Beckett

8.60mb  7 Jan 2018  'Jesus changing me'

                            Paul Lindsay, Dodie Graves,Chris Jones & Andy Augustus

10.9mb 31 Dec 2017  'Waiting on God'  Paul Lindsay

2.08mb 25 Dec 2017  'Christmas morning message'  Keith Sammonds

2.80mb 24 Dec 2017  'Chris Jones Testimony'  Chris Jones

3.57mb 24 Dec 2017  'John & Judy Wright 2017'  John & Judy Wright

5.60mb 24 Dec 2017  'Carol service message'  Jon & Penni Beckett

15.1mb 17 Dec 2017  'Identity'  Jon Beckett

16.6mb 26 Nov 2017  'How we got the Bible'  Jon Beckett

16.1mb 19 Nov 2017  'Virgin or young woman?'  Jon Beckett

13.2mb 12 Nov 2017  'God of God, Light of Light'  Jon Beckett

12.2mb  5 Nov 2017  'Questions, questions'  Paul Willmott

15.4mb 29 Oct 2017  'Jesus Son of God'  Jon Beckett

16.4mb 22 Oct 2017  'Jesus, in the beginning'  Jon Beckett

13.0mb 15 Oct 2017  'Almighty God'  Jon Beckett

13.2mb  8 Oct 2017  'God's Grace & Glory'  Phil Davies

10.2mb  1 Oct 2017  'The prize of life'  David & Lindsey Brown

14.1mb 24 Sep 2017  'Abba, Father'  Jon Beckett

10.4mb 17 Sep 2017  'I am the way'  Jon Beckett

13.7mb 10 Sep 2017  'Shema Yisrael'  Jon Beckett

8.40mb  3 Sep 2017  'Living for God - Telling Others'  Chris Jones

8.32mb 27 Aug 2017  'Living for God - Action'  Nathan Beckett

8.11mb 20 Aug 2017  'Living for God - Prayer'  Charles Graves

10.7mb 13 Aug 2017  'Living for God - Knowing Gods Word'  Keith Sammonds

9.96mb  6 Aug 2017  'Living for God - Faith'  Matt Leadbeater

8.13mb 30 Jul 2017  'Living for God - Change'  Laurie McEwen

15.4mb 23 Jul 2017  'Tough times (pt2)'  Jon Beckett

14.4mb 16 Jul 2017  'Tough times (pt1)'  Jon Beckett

16.8mb  9 Jul 2017  'Come, Lord Jesus'  Jon Beckett

10.5mb  2 Jul 2017  'His Story'  Paul Willmott

14.8mb 25 Jun 2017  'The river of the water of life'  Jon Beckett

18.0mb 18 Jun 2017  'The new Jerusalem'  Jon Beckett

11.1mb 11 Jun 2017  'Prayer for Israel'  Ted Walker

14.6mb 28 May 2017  'The mountain of fear and the mountain of joy'  Jon Beckett

15.9mb 21 May 2017  'Children of faith'  Jon Beckett

16.4mb 14 May 2017  'Children of promise'  Jon Beckett

6.55mb  7 May 2017  'Seek first his kingdom'  Paul Lindsay

16.3mb 30 Apr 2017  'A New Heaven and a New Earth'  Jon Beckett

17.1mb 23 Apr 2017  'Thomas'  Jon Beckett

15.3mb 16 Apr 2017  'Bethany, 'House of Dates''  Jon Beckett

11.4mb  9 Apr 2017  'The triumphal entry'  Paul Lindsay

6.75mb  2 Apr 2017  'Jesus saves'  Paul Lindsay

14.3mb 26 Mar 2017  'The parable of the wedding banquet'  Jon Beckett

16.7mb 19 Mar 2017  'The parable of the workers in the vineyard'  Jon Beckett

13.2mb 12 Mar 2017  'The parable of the unforgiving servant'  Jon Beckett

5.45mb  5 Mar 2017  'Moving on from milk'  Kyle Henderson Begg

13.3mb 26 Feb 2017  'The kingdom of heaven is like yeast'  Jon Beckett

14.5mb 19 Feb 2017  'The parable of the mustard seed'  Jon Beckett

13.9mb 12 Feb 2017  'The parable of the weeds'  Jon Beckett

8.25mb  5 Feb 2017  'Speak Lord'  Phil Davies

17.0mb 29 Jan 2017  'The Kingdom of ....'  Jon Beckett

19.2mb 22 Jan 2017  'The water of life'  Jon Beckett

15.3mb 15 Jan 2017  'The Coming of Christ'  Jon Beckett

16.9mb  8 Jan 2017  'The Day of the Lord'  Jon Beckett

8.99mb  1 Jan 2017  'We miss you'  Margaret Sammonds & Paul Lindsay

3.29mb 18 Dec 2016  'The joy of Christmas'  Laurie McEwen

16.3mb 11 Dec 2016  'The defeat of Satan'  Jon Beckett

16.2mb 27 Nov 2016  'The Rider on a white horse'  Jon Beckett

16.5mb 20 Nov 2016  'Rejoicing in Heaven'  Jon Beckett

18.2mb 13 Nov 2016  'Warning to escape Babylon's Judgement'  Jon Beckett

4.49mb  06 Nov 2016  'Five loaves and two fish'  Paul Willmott

15.3mb 30 Oct 2016  'The seven bowls of God's wrath'  Jon Beckett

15.9mb 23 Oct 2016  'Seven Angels with seven plagues'  Jon Beckett

16.2mb 16 Oct 2016  'The Lamb and the 144,000'  Jon Beckett

14.6mb  9 Oct 2016  'God's vision'  Phil Davies

14.2mb  2 Oct 2016  'Food for thought'  Keith Sammonds

13.8mb 25 Sept 2016  'The beast out of the earth'  Jon Beckett

15.2mb 18 Sept 2016  'The beast out of the sea'  Jon Beckett

12.1mb 11 Sept 2016  'Love for Jesus and the Church'  Adam Bhardwaj

10.7mb  4 Sept 2016  'Daniel in the den of lions'  Laurie McEwen

9.38mb 28 Aug 2016  'Writing on the wall'  Matt Leadbeater

10.6mb 21 Aug 2016  'Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of a tree'  Chris Jones

7.81mb 14 Aug 2016  'Problems, Prayer & Praise'  Nathan Beckett

7.01mb  7 Aug 2016  'Choices in discipleship'  Jon Beckett

10.1mb 31 July 2016  'Spy lessons from Canaan'  Joe Beckett

7.79mb 24 July 2016  'Venomous snakes'  Jamie Lindsay

12.0mb 17 July 2016  'Looking to Jesus'  Deryck Jones

14.5mb 10 July 2016  'The woman and the dragon'  Jon Beckett

6.40mb  3 July 2016  'Ready or Not?'  John Smith

14.1mb 26 June 2016  'The two witnesses'  Jon Beckett

12.7mb 19 June 2016  'The sixth angel sounded his trumpet'  Jon Beckett

15.2mb 12 June 2016  'Trumpets and woe'  Jon Beckett

7.67mb 5 June 2016  '3D's Discipline, Dedication & Dependant'  Jane Butcher

11.1mb 29 May 2016  'The great multitude in white robes'  Jon Beckett

17.1mb 22 May 2016  'The Seals, five and six'  Jon Beckett

17.2mb 15 May 2016  'The Seals, one to four'  Jon Beckett

15.3mb  8 May 2016  'The Scroll and the Lamb'  Jon Beckett

5.02mb  1 May 2016  'Greedy for God'  Laurie McEwen

17.4mb 24 Apr 2016  'The Throne in Heaven'  Jon Beckett

12.5mb 17 Apr 2016  'The good, the bad and the lovely'  Jon Beckett

19.8mb 10 Apr 2016  'To the church at Laodicea'  Jon Beckett

6.86mb  3 Apr 2016  'A pure heart'  David Brown

11.8mb  27 Mar 2016  'The Easter story'  Keith Sammonds

15.1mb  20 Mar 2016  'To the church at Philadelphia'  Jon Beckett

15.8mb  13 Mar 2016  'To the church at Sardis'  Jon Beckett

7.88mb   6 Mar 2016  'The wrong trousers'  Paul Willmott

15.1mb  28 Feb 2016  'To the church at Thyatira'  Jon Beckett

17.3mb  21 Feb 2016  'To the church at Pergamum'  Jon Beckett

14.1mb  14 Feb 2016  'To the church at Smyrna'  Jon Beckett

12.5mb    7 Feb 2016  'Nobody's a nobody'  Phil Davies

17.7mb  31 Jan 2016  'To the church at Ephesus'  Jon Beckett

14.4mb  24 Jan 2016  'A picture of Jesus'  Jon Beckett

14.8mb  17 Jan 2016  'In the Spirit'  Jon Beckett

15.5mb  10 Jan 2016  'The Revelation of Jesus Christ'  Jon Beckett

4.05mb  27 Dec 2015  'Giving all to God'  Charles & Dodie Graves

3.51mb  25 Dec 2015  'Gods presence & presents'  Nathan & Sam Beckett

10.1mb  24 Dec 2015  'Light in the darkness'  Andy Augustus

7.60mb  20 Dec 2015  'A new Christmas message?'  Andrew Rice

13.7mb  13 Dec 2015  'In the beginning God'  Jon Beckett

9.24mb   6 Dec 2015  'Trusting in God'  Kyle & Rossie Henderson-Begg

13.2mb  29 Nov 2015  'Parables of the ten virgins & the talents'  Jon Beckett

13.8mb  22 Nov 2015  'Parallels, parables & pictures'  Jon Beckett

16.9mb  15 Nov 2015  'The time of the gentiles'  Jon Beckett

10.3mb   8 Nov 2015  'The big picture'  Paul Willmott

14.9mb   1 Nov 2015  'The abomination that causes desolation'  Jon Beckett

18.2mb  25 Oct 2015  'Looking back to Daniel'  Jon Beckett

14.8mb  18 Oct 2015  'Listening to Jesus'  Jon Beckett

13.5mb  11 Oct 2015  'Nuggets of gold'  Phil Davies

6.83mb   4 Oct 2015  '5 reasons why we want you to know Jesus'
                                                                           Paul Lindsay

15.1mb  27 Sept 2015  'Stand firm'  Jon Beckett

19.6mb  20 Sept 2015  'Destruction of the Temple'  Jon Beckett

13.8mb  13 Sept 2015  'Psalm 1: Go, Compare'  Paul Lindsay

10.5mb   6 Sept 2015  'Elijah and his coat!'  Paul Willmott

8.17mb  30 Aug 2015  'WOW: Word, Obedience, Worship'  Jon Beckett

7.86mb  23 Aug 2015  'Love leads us to forgiveness'  Laurie McEwen

7.25mb   9 Aug 2015  'Faith vs Fear'  Nathan Beckett

14.5mb  19 Jul 2015  'The servant heart in marriage'  Jon Beckett

13.4mb  12 Jul 2015  'The servant heart at home and work'  Jon Beckett

4.90mb   5 Jul 2015  'Gideon: God is in control'  The OM Team

14.0mb  28 Jun 2015  'The serving heart'  Jon Beckett

13.9mb  21 Jun 2015  'A servant of God'  Jon Beckett

17.4mb  14 Jun 2015  'The self control of God'  Jon Beckett

10.9mb   7 Jun 2015  'The parable of the good Samaritan'  Keith Sammonds

14.0mb  31 May 2015  'The gentleness of God'  Jon Beckett

13.7mb  24 May 2015  'The faithfulness of God'  Jon Beckett

11.1mb  17 May 2015  'The goodness of God'  Jon Beckett

15.5mb  10 May 2015  'For me to live is Christ'  Paul Lindsay

5.29mb   3 May 2015  'Taming the tongue'  Laurie McEwen

14.2mb  26 Apr 2015  'The kindness of God'  Jon Beckett

21.5mb  19 Apr 2015  'Prayer for India'  Ian Elliott

11.2mb  12 Apr 2015  'Cain & Abel'  Jon Beckett

6.79mb   5 Apr 2015  'Shining for Jesus'  Jon & Laura Smith

15.6mb  29 Mar 2015  'A crown and a cross'  Jon Beckett

14.3mb  22 Mar 2015  'The patience of God'  Jon Beckett

14.5mb  15 Mar 2015  'The peace of God be with you'  Jon Beckett

14.1mb   8 Mar 2015  'The fruit of the Spirit: Joy'  Jon Beckett

3.78mb   1 Mar 2015  'Keeping focus on the cross'  Jane Butcher

17.6mb  22 Feb 2015  'Love and knowledge'  Jon Beckett

7.46mb  15 Feb 2015  'You must be born again'  Jon Beckett

16.9mb   8 Feb 2015  'Gifts, fruit and the most excellent way'  Jon Beckett

11.4mb   1 Feb 2015  'An awesome God'  Phil Davies

15.5mb  25 Jan 2015  'Those with gifts of administration'  Jon Beckett

14.1mb  18 Jan 2015  'Those able to help others'  Jon Beckett

17.6mb  11 Jan 2015  'Workers of miracles'  Jon Beckett

              4 Jan 2015  'My Hope (internet link)'  Billy Graham

4.74mb  28 Dec 2014  'A personal testimony'  Keith Sammonds

5.51mb  21 Dec 2014  'A very special present'  Jon Beckett

16.5mb  14 Dec 2014  'Appointments of the Spirit: Teacher'  Jon Beckett

3.22mb   7 Dec 2014  'Honour and love'  Rossie Henderson-Begg

16.4mb  30 Nov 2014  'Jesus the Prophet'  Jon Beckett

15.6mb  23 Nov 2014  'Jesus the Apostle & High Priest'  Jon Beckett

15.5mb  16 Nov 2014  'Appointments of the Spirit: Apostle'  Jon Beckett

3.23mb   9 Nov 2014  'I am the vine'  Paul Willmott

15.5mb   2 Nov 2014  'The different parts of the body'  Jon Beckett

17.9mb  26 Oct 2014  'Gifts, appointments and fruit of the Spirit'
                                                                                Jon Beckett

14.7mb  19 Oct 2014  'Ananias & Sapphira'  Jon Beckett

13.7mb  12 Oct 2014  'Exercising faith'  Phil Davies

4.09mb  12 Oct 2014  'Jesus the Messiah'  Ken Jones

1.94mb   5 Oct 2014  '20 + 50 = what!'  The OM Team

15.3mb  28 Sept 2014  'The Holy Spirit at Pentecost'  Jon Beckett

7.33mb  28 Sept 2014  'Judy's Testimony'  Judy Wright

12.7mb  21 Sept 2014  'They are "Yes" in Christ'  Jon Beckett

14.3mb  14 Sept 2014  'The Holy Spirit before Pentecost'  Jon Beckett

2.3mb   7 Sept 2014  'The chocolate bible story'  Jane Butcher

11.8mb  31 Aug 2014  'Where do you stand?'  Paul Lindsay

14.9mb  24 Aug 2014  'The Holy Spirit will teach you all things'  Jon Beckett

13.0mb  17 Aug 2014  'The unforgivable sin'  Jon Beckett

17.7mb  10 Aug 2014  'The Holy Spirit in the life of Jesus'  Jon Beckett

14.0mb   3 Aug 2014  'The Holy Spirit and the birth of Jesus'  Jon Beckett

13.9mb  27 Jul 2014  'The Holy Spirit through the NT'  Jon Beckett

13.6mb  20 Jul 2014  'The Holy Spirit and the minor prophets'  Jon Beckett

16.7mb  13 Jul 2014  'The Holy Spirit and Ezekiel'  Jon Beckett

 9.21mb   6 Jul 2014  'Lessons from David'  Ben Wade

13.9mb  29 Jun 2014  'The Holy Spirit through the OT'  Jon Beckett

17.0mb  22 Jun 2014  'The Holy Spirit, Saul & David'  Jon Beckett

14.4mb  15 Jun 2014  'The person & work of the Holy Spirit'  Jon Beckett

17.7mb   8 Jun 2014  'Limne Pur, the Lake of fire'  Jon Beckett

11.2mb   1 Jun 2014  'God is awesome'  Bev Lindsay

18.6mb  25 May 2014  'Gehenna, the Valley of Hinnom'  Jon Beckett

16.2mb  18 May 2014  'Falling asleep'  Jon Beckett

16.8mb  11 May 2014  'The Bibles meaning of death & dead'  Jon Beckett

13.7mb   4 May 2014  'Jesus our Passover'  Steve Goodall

15.4mb  27 Apr 2014  '13 points about Thomas'  Jon Beckett

11.1mb  20 Apr 2014  'Five empties and five promises'  Jon Beckett

16.9mb  13 Apr 2014  'When is satan and where is he going'  Jon Beckett

6.00mb   6 Apr 2014  'The Servants story'  Paul Willmott

13.2mb  30 Mar 2014  'More understanding of satans names'  Jon Beckett

15.0mb  23 Mar 2014  'Who is satan now and
                                           what are his names'  Jon Beckett

13.1mb  16 Mar 2014  'What was satan and
                                           where did he come from'  Jon Beckett

15.2mb   9 Mar 2014  'Fix your eyes on Jesus'  Jon Beckett

3.77mb   2 Mar 2014  'Jonah the groaner'  The OM Team

17.0mb  23 Feb 2014  'A sin tainted world'  Jon Beckett

11.1mb  16 Feb 2014  'Light comes to the world'  Jon Beckett

15.3mb   9 Feb 2014  'The earth and the world'  Jon Beckett

4.27mb   2 Feb 2014  'Forgiveness'  Phil Davies

18.7mb  26 Jan 2014  'Body, Soul & Spirit'  Jon Beckett

19.0mb  19 Jan 2014  'Gods way or mans way'  Jon Beckett

18.8mb  12 Jan 2014  'Sinfulness of mankind'  Jon Beckett

8.70mb   5 Jan 2014  'A Christian or disciple?'  Jamie Lindsay

3.96mb  22 Dec 2013  'An unexpected Christmas'  Jon Beckett

13.4mb  15 Dec 2013  'Paul's arrival at Jerusalem'  Jon Beckett

16.1mb   8 Dec 2013  'Paul's travels through Macedonia and Greece'  Jon Beckett

8.54mb   1 Dec 2013  'YWAM Bristol update'  Kyle & Rossie Henderson-Begg

19.1mb  24 Nov 2013  'Paul in Ephesus'  Jon Beckett

14.6mb  17 Nov 2013  'Paul was a tentmaker, are you?'  Jon Beckett

8.90mb  10 Nov 2013  'Water'  Jon Beckett

7.23mb   3 Nov 2013  'Paul Willmott's Kenyan visit'  Paul Willmott

12.9mb  27 Oct 2013  'A second choice world'  Paul Lindsay

17.9mb  20 Oct 2013  'Citizens of Heaven'  Jon Beckett

16.7mb  13 Oct 2013  'Peace'  Phil Davies

3.17mb   6 Oct 2013  'Harvest Celebration'  Keith Sammonds

11.9mb  29 Sep 2013  'What kind of citizen are you?'  Jon Beckett

13.6mb  22 Sep 2013  'A woman, a slave and a gentile'  Jon Beckett

14.3mb  15 Sep 2013  'Paul & Barnabas's travels'  Jon Beckett

14.7mb  8 Sep 2013  'Consider Him that you will not grow weary and lose heart'  Jon Beckett

7.04mb  1 Sep 2013  'Before the Judgement Seat we stand'  Adam Bhardwaj

3.63mb  25 Aug 2013  'Baptism, Dive into Jesus'  Jon Beckett

15.9mb  18 Aug 2013  'Biblical Names of Jesus' followers'  Jon Beckett

17.3mb  11 Aug 2013  'Brothers and Sisters, disciples of Jesus'  Jon Beckett

10.2mb   4 Aug 2013  'The I AM's'  Paul Lindsay

14.1mb  28 July 2013  'Peter at Cornelius' house'  Jon Beckett

16.3mb  21 July 2013  'Peter's travels'  Jon Beckett

17.0mb  14 July 2013  'Paul finds the Way'  Jon Beckett

5.23mb   7 July 2013  'Joseph's ups and downs'  Julian Wolton (OM)

15.8mb  30 June 2013  'Philip's missionary journeys'  Jon Beckett

14.2mb  23 June 2013  'The choosing of the seven'  Jon Beckett

14.0mb  16 June 2013  'Peter and John before the Sanhedrin'  Jon Beckett

15.8mb   9 June 2013  'Peter heals the crippled beggar'  Jon Beckett

2.68mb   2 June 2013  'His provision for His people'  Tom Jewkes

16.1mb  26 May 2013  'Four pillars'  Jon Beckett

13.5mb  19 May 2013  'Trust in the Lord with all your heart'  Paul Lindsay

15.7mb  12 May 2013  'Pentecost and the 3,000'  Jon Beckett

11.5mb   5 May 2013  'Can you hear the sound of rain?'  Ben Wade

11.9mb  28 Apr 2013  'Replacing the twelfth apostle'  Jon Beckett

13.9mb  21 Apr 2013  'Go'  Jon Beckett

15.0mb  14 Apr 2013  'Follow Me'  Jon Beckett

8.43mb   7 Apr 2013  'Lessons from Jonah'  Laurie McEwen

4.17mb  31 Mar 2013  'Jesus Christ is risen from the dead'  Jon Beckett

15.2mb  17 Mar 2013  'Changed lives'  Jon Beckett

13.3mb  10 Mar 2013  'Life in Christ'  Jon Beckett

5.31mb   3 Mar 2013  'Choices'  Paul Willmott

15.5mb  24 Feb 2013  'The birth of the church'  Jon Beckett

16.1mb  17 Feb 2013  'The burial of Jesus'  Jon Beckett

16.7mb  10 Feb 2013  'Jesus' words from the cross'  Jon Beckett

10.0mb   3 Feb 2013  'Grace'  Phil Davies

15.0mb  27 Jan 2013  'Jesus of Nazareth, The King of the Jews'  Jon Beckett

18.7mb  20 Jan 2013  'Judas's journey towards the cross'  Jon Beckett

17.0mb  13 Jan 2013  'I am he'  Jon Beckett

14.3mb  30 Dec 2012  'Watch and pray'  Jon Beckett

8.91mb  23 Dec 2012  'Who is in the manger?'  Jon Beckett

11.1mb  16 Dec 2012  'May it be to me as you have said'  Paul Lindsay

13.4mb   9 Dec 2012  'The Lord's Prayer'  Jon Beckett

10.2mb   2 Dec 2012  '2012 Olympic Evangelism update'  Kyle & Rossie

14.5mb   25 Nov 2012  'But take heart!
                                               I have overcome the world'  Jon Beckett

14.3mb   18 Nov 2012  'The vine and the branches'  Jon Beckett

14.8mb   11 Nov 2012  'A new command I give you:
                                                         Love one another'  Jon Beckett

20.7mb   28 Oct 2012  'Was the Last Supper Passover?'  Jon Beckett

14.7mb   21 Oct 2012  'We have this treasure in jars of clay'  Phil Davies

6.70mb   14 Oct 2012  'For I am fearfully and wonderfully made'  Jon Beckett

6.38mb    7 Oct 2012  'Seeing God at work'  Paul Willmott

19.3mb   30 Sep 2012  'Jesus Christ, our Passover Lamb'  Jon Beckett

16.2mb   23 Sep 2012  'Jesus in the Old Testament Festivals'  Jon Beckett

15.8mb   16 Sep 2012  'If they keep quiet, the stones will cry out'  Jon Beckett

14.5mb    9 Sep 2012  'Riding on a colt, the foal of a donkey'  Jon Beckett

5.39mb    2 Sep 2012  'Don't give up'  Nicola (YFC)

13.3mb   19 Aug 2012  'Let us run with perseverance'  Laura Rice

10.3mb   12 Aug 2012  'You were running a good race'  Matt Leadbeater

14.0mb    5 Aug 2012  'That in a race all the runners run'  Andy Augustus

8.89mb   29 July 2012  'If only I may finish the race'  Charles Graves

11.8mb   22 July 2012  'Being able to see'  Jon Beckett

11.9mb   15 July 2012  'On the way to Jerusalem'  Jon Beckett

16.4mb    8 July 2012  'Jesus raises Lazarus from the dead'  Jon Beckett

4.66mb    1 July 2012  'Team work'  Paul Willmott

14.4mb  24 June 2012  'Jesus, the suffering servant'  Jon Beckett

14.6mb  17 June 2012  'The Transfiguration'  Jon Beckett

16.1mb  10 June 2012  'Jesus prepares his disciples'  Jon Beckett

4.04mb   3 June 2012  'Preparing ourselves for God'  Claire McEwen

12.9mb  27 May 2012  'Pentecost, Shavuot'  Jon Beckett

13.3mb  20 May 2012  'Do not's and Do's'  Jon Beckett

11.5mb  13 May 2012  'Age and ability'  John Wright

36.8mb   6 May 2012  '2012 Olympic Evangelism update'  Kyle & Rossie

16.7mb  29 Apr 2012  'Keep it secret'  Jon Beckett

16.2mb  22 Apr 2012  'Salt and Light'  Jon Beckett

17.4mb  15 Apr 2012  'The Beautiful attitudes'  Jon Beckett

5.90mb   8 Apr 2012  'In God's strength, not my own'  Nathan Beckett

7.93mb   1 Apr 2012  'What kind of fool are you?'  Jon Beckett

8.39mb  25 Mar 2012  'What's in a name?'  Jon Beckett

12.9mb  18 Mar 2012  'Words to my disciples'  Jon Beckett

14.6mb  11 Mar 2012  'Jesus said I Am ....'  Jon Beckett

7.44mb   4 Mar 2012  'The ordinary and the extraordinary'  Andy Augustus

10.1mb  26 Feb 2012  'Where have you come from and where
                                                         are you going?'  Paul Lindsay

15.5mb  19 Feb 2012  'How much love will you give to Him?'  Jon Beckett

15.5mb  12 Feb 2012  'The Lords teaching on giving'  Jon Beckett

7.05mb   5 Feb 2012  'Breaking chains'  Keith Sammonds

14.5mb  29 Jan 2012  'Give us this bread'  Jon Beckett

15.7mb  22 Jan 2012  'Drawing on God's bank account'  Jon Beckett

14.2mb  15 Jan 2012  'Who has the authority to give?'  Jon Beckett

10.8mb   8 Jan 2012  'Has the Kingdom of Heaven begun in you?'  Jon Beckett

4.61mb  18 Dec 2011  'The Christmas Story'  Nathan Beckett

14.4mb  11 Dec 2011  'Christ's school of discipleship: Part 9'  Jon Beckett

15.9mb  27 Nov 2011  'Christ's school of discipleship: Part 8'  Jon Beckett

16.1mb  20 Nov 2011  'Christ's school of discipleship: Part 7'  Jon Beckett

16.6mb  13 Nov 2011  'Christ's school of discipleship: Part 6'  Jon Beckett

15.7mb  30 Oct 2011  'Christ's school of discipleship: Part 5'  Jon Beckett

16.6mb  23 Oct 2011  'Christ's school of discipleship: Part 4'  Jon Beckett

16.2mb  16 Oct 2011  'Christ's school of discipleship: Part 3'  Jon Beckett

14.1mb   9 Oct 2011  'Christ's school of discipleship: Part 2'  Jon Beckett

13.3mb  25 Sep 2011  'Christ's school of discipleship: Part 1'  Jon Beckett

17.9mb  11 Sep 2011  'The beginning of Jesus ministry'  Jon Beckett

15.2mb  17 Jul 2011  'A new covenant with the world'  Jon Beckett

15.9mb  10 Jul 2011  'He will bring justice to the nations'  Jon Beckett

19.1mb  26 Jun 2011  'I will open my mouth in parables'  Jon Beckett

14.5mb  19 Jun 2011  'The witness, John the Baptist'  Jon Beckett

13.7mb  12 Jun 2011  'Proclaim the year of the Lord's favour'  Jon Beckett

17.6mb  29 May 2011  'Do you honour Jesus?'  Jon Beckett

16.4mb  22 May 2011  'Jesus the Nazarene'  Jon Beckett

10.7mb  15 May 2011  'The Spirit of the Sovereign LORD is on me'  Jon Beckett

16.8mb   8 May 2011  'Prophecy concerning Bethlehem'  Jon Beckett

7.54mb  24 Apr 2011  '(RARE) Resurrection, Alive, Risen, Eternity'  Jon Beckett

12.3mb  17 Apr 2011  'Compassion'  Deryck Jones

15.9mb  10 Apr 2011  'Prophecy concerning Christs line of descent'  Jon Beckett

18.1mb  27 Mar 2011  'New Testament Evidence (Part 3)'  Jon Beckett

15.4mb  20 Mar 2011  'New Testament Evidence (Part 2)'  Jon Beckett

16.4mb  13 Mar 2011  'New Testament Evidence (Part 1)'  Jon Beckett

13.6mb  27 Feb 2011  'Building the Kingdom of God'  Jon Beckett

18.2mb  20 Feb 2011  'Daniel: The Seventy "sevens"'  Jon Beckett

16.4mb  30 Jan 2011  'Daniel: Man of prayer'  Jon Beckett

16.9mb  23 Jan 2011  'Daniel: The Writing on the wall'  Jon Beckett

15.9mb  16 Jan 2011  'Daniel's vision of a ram and a goat'  Jon Beckett

13.8mb   9 Jan 2011  'Daniel's dream of four beasts'  Jon Beckett

13.9mb  12 Dec 2010  'Ezekiel's Valley of dry bones'  Jon Beckett

13.8mb  28 Nov 2010  'Ezekiel: The Glory departs the Temple'  Jon Beckett

5.62mb  21 Nov 2010  'Witness'  Jon Beckett

4.41mb  14 Nov 2010  'The Five P's'  Jon Beckett

3.85mb  31 Oct 2010  'The call of Ezekiel' (incomplete message)  Jon Beckett

14.6mb  24 Oct 2010  'The Fiery furnace'  Jon Beckett

14.4mb  17 Oct 2010  'Nebuchadnezzar's dream, the image of gold'  Jon Beckett

13.6mb  10 Oct 2010  'Judah taken into captivity'  Jon Beckett

17.0mb  26 Sep 2010  'The feast of Tabernacles'  Jon Beckett

15.8mb  19 Sep 2010  'Yom Kippur The day of Atonement'  Jon Beckett

9.01mb  12 Sep 2010  'Obedience'  Jon Beckett

15.7mb  11 Jul 2010  'The words of Jeremiah'  Jon Beckett

14.8mb  27 Jun 2010  'Warning of coming destruction'  Jon Beckett

16.6mb  20 Jun 2010  'Three Kings'  Jon Beckett

16.1mb  13 Jun 2010  'The word of the Lord that came to Micah'  Jon Beckett

14.9mb  30 May 2010  'Isaiah: The year of the Lord's favour'  Jon Beckett

3.02mb  23 May 2010  'Penn Christian Centre, 25 years today'  Jon Beckett

13.8mb   9 May 2010  'Isaiah: The suffering Servant '  Jon Beckett

15.1mb  21 Mar 2010  'Isaiah: The branch of the Lord'  Jon Beckett

16.1mb  14 Mar 2010  'Isaiah: To be transformed'  Jon Beckett

14.6mb   7 Mar 2010  'Isaiah's commission'  Paul Lindsay

15.1mb  28 Feb 2010  'Joel: The Nations judged'  Jon Beckett

14.4mb  21 Feb 2010  'Obadiah and the Lords word to Joel'  Jon Beckett

15.4mb  31 Jan 2010  'The vision of Obadiah'  Jon Beckett

15.0mb  24 Jan 2010  'The word of the Lord that came to Hosea'  Jon Beckett

15.6mb  10 Jan 2010  'The word of the Lord came to Jonah'  Jon Becket

14.8mb  27 Dec 2009  'Horses and chariots of fire'  Jon Beckett

8.5mb  13 Dec 2009  'After the whirlwind (incomplete message)'  Jon Beckett

16.3mb  29 Nov 2009  'Elijah flees to Horeb'  Jon Beckett

14.8mb   8 Nov 2009  'Elijah on Mount Carmel'  Jon Beckett

15.1mb  25 Oct 2009  'Elijah in Zarephath'  Jon Beckett

15.8mb  18 Oct 2009  'Elijah in the Kerith Ravine'  Jon Beckett

15.2mb  11 Oct 2009  'Chaotic Kingdoms'  Jon Beckett

16.8mb  20 Sep 2009  'Coronations & Conquerors: Solomon'  Jon Beckett