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2.62mb   4 Dec 2011   'Be Transformed'   Paul Lindsay

13.3mb   2 Oct 2011   'The word of God'   Julian Wolton and the OM Team

13.2mb  18 Sept 2011   'Looking at faith from a different angle'   Phil Davies

3.16mb   4 Sept 2011   'Sibling rivalry'   Matt Marples

11.6mb  28 Aug 2011   'Psalm 139'   John & Judy Wright

11.7mb  21 Aug 2011   'Psalm 16'   Paul & Bev Lindsay

9.22mb  14 Aug 2011   'Psalm 37'   Charles & Dodi Graves

4.19Mb   7 Aug 2011   'Go and make disciples'   Nicola (YFC)

8.57mb  31 July 2011   'Psalm 46'   Andrew Pettey

22.4mb  24 July 2011   'God at work'   Laura, Jane & Andrew Rice

11.6mb   3 July 2011   'Born Again'   Paul Lindsay

7.26mb   1 May 2011   'Noah'   Laurie McEwen

3.70mb   3 Apr 2011   'Choices'   Tom Jewkes

10.8mb   6 Mar 2011   'God looks at the heart'   Paul Wilmott

8.0mb    6 Feb 2011   'The Lord is my Shepherd'   Phil Davies

1.0mb   19 Dec 2010   'Thank you Jesus for your blessings'   Alan Watkins

7.53mb   7 Nov 2010   'Hidden Traesure'   Paul Wilmott

7.12mb   3 Oct 2010   'Following God's instructions'   Phil Davies

3.24mb   5 Sep 2010   'Making a difference'   Kyle (YWAM)

12.5mb  29 Aug 2010   'I am the way and the truth and the life'   Matt Leadbeater

7.32mb  22 Aug 2010   'I am the gate, I am the good shepherd'   Charles Graves

13.5mb  15 Aug 2010   'I am the bread of life'   John Wright

16.2mb   8 Aug 2010   'I am the vine'   John Ward

7.95mb   1 Aug 2010   'To follow Christ'   Jamie Lindsay

8.06mb  25 Jul 2010   'What it means to be a Christian'   Laurie McEwen

8.50mb  18 Jul 2010   'I am the Word'   Keith Sammonds

9.24mb   4 Jul 2010   'The power of the Spirit'   David Brown

6.15mb  16 May 2010   'Are you old enough? (Olivias dedication)'   Paul Lindsay

4.9mb 30 Aug 2009   "Discipleship: Hard choices" Scott Lindsay

14.7mb 23 Aug 2009   "Discipleship: Servants and slaves" John Ward

12.1mb 16 Aug 2009   "Discipleship: The cost of being a disciple" Keith Sammonds

11.7mb  9 Aug 2009   "Discipleship: Choices, chosen by God" John Wright

11.8mb  2 Aug 2009   "Discipleship: God's remedy for sin" Peter Bannikow

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2.9mb Mark 6 30-44 "God's plan for you" Peter Green

4.1mb Mark 9 1-13 "The Transfiguration" Jon Beckett

4.9mb Mark 9 14-33 "Only by prayer" Jon Beckett

6.1mb Mark 9 33-50 "Salt" Jon Beckett

5.1mb Mark 10 1-12 "Divorce" Jon Beckett

4.6mb Mark 10 13-27 "Access to Jesus" Jon Beckett

5.2mb Mark 10 28-45 "Following Jesus" Jon Beckett

4.6mb Mk 10v46-11v10 "Can you see Jesus?" J Beckett

3.8mb Mk 11 9-25 "Faith to move mountains" J Beckett

4.6mb Mk 11v276-12v10 "The Vineyard" J Beckett

11.6mb Mark 12 13-17 "Give to God" Jon Beckett

15.0mb Mark 12 18-34 "The Lord is One" Jon Beckett

4.7mb "Conformed or Transformed" Jamie Lindsey

14.5mb Mark 12 35-37 "His son & his Lord" Jon Beckett

3.9mb Isaiah 6 Rev 4-5 "Holiness of God" Mal Morgan

3.5mb John 12 21 "We want to see Jesus" Phil Davies

3.5mb Psalm 23 "The Good Shepherd" Paul Wilmot

3.0mb Mark 11 1-11 "Palm Sunday" Mal Morgan

3.1mb "40 days, Resurrection Power" Jon Beckett