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Our Story begins - Jon and Penny

Photo of Penni

The vision for Penn Christian Centre began at Easter 1985, we were in our mid 20's and happy in the church we were then part of in Dudley. My wife Penni and I heard through a couple of teenage lads that the church they had been going to in Penn had closed down.

Praying that God would do something about it, we felt he was calling us to start a new church in the old building. With no funds and just a little faith in our BIG GOD we began a complete refurbishment of the building, it was helpful that as a builder I had refurbished houses as well as my own homes!

Penni was offered a job for half a term at the school our sons Nathan and Adam attended. She was reluctant at first to go back to teaching, even though it was an answer to our prayers, as I was out of work at the time. I think she was worried about leaving me to be house husband as well as care for Joseph our youngest son. I would also work on both renovating the old building and pioneering the new church to go in it.

By Easter 1987 we were both ready to give up at Penn, various steps forward had been equalled by the falls back! Then during the last month we were allowing ourselves our little group of three adults and three children grew in one month to 13 adults and 14 children.

In 1989 we moved as a family to Penn to live all our children attended both Warstones and Highfields schools. They all still live in the Penn area and attend the Centre

Penni taught at the same school until July 2008, that half term turned into several decades! She is enjoying her present sabbatical from education which allows her to spend more time being a housewife caring for our grandchildren and spending time with friends from church, particularly those who need some TLC.

I am part of the leadership team of the church, my heart and gifts lie in bible teaching and pastoral care. I was born in Pakistan to missionary parents from the UK, this gave me a concern for the area of Pakistan where my parents had served and I lived. In 1995 I began NEST which gets me involved in relief work (including the 2005 earthquake) and supporting the churches, hospital, and school that have grown out of my parents work.