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Penn Christian Centre

is the building we hold our activities in.

When we as a group of mainly local people of all ages and from a diversity of backgrounds join together and meet as a church.

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We have discovered God's amazing love for us, shown so clearly in Jesus, in response we have put our faith in God, together we are learning of His plans for us and the world he created.

Our church is independent of any denomination, we belong only to the worldwide Church of Jesus Christ made up of all real Christians. For us the church is like a body, many different parts but all are needed, so we encourage everyone to use their gifts and abilities to be involved in it's life and work.

We are a community of people, a family where we not only learn to love God but also to love and care for each other. We are learning to serve God by serving others, this starts within the church family and then ripples out.

In the local community we are involved in schools, run children's Saturday and Summer holiday clubs and a youth club. We also hold a free bonfire and barbeque each year for all in the community on the land at the rear of the centre.

Beyond our local community we are involved in many ways and places in care and relief work and mission.